A foreign policy is often mistaken to be a document between two countries that describe its relationship with each other, but by its text book definition you can realise that its more like a strategy that helps countries who to know whom make friends out of and who to make enemies with. The easiest example you can relate to is the foreign policy between Pakistan and India, which helps policymakers of the countries make decisions when an impasse that relates either of the countries. Suppose we imagine an hypothetical situation where Indian IAS officers need to make a decision to allow Pakistani vegetable exports to enter India, and here the foreign policy that exists between the countries makes the decision much easier for the officers to simply not allow the vegetables because....needless to state the obvious.

In the committee, you can find that the country you have been assigned to; would have non-ally countries present and even allies of non-ally countries that may oppose your perspective and your arguments! As much as it angers you, it is because of the foreign policy that exists between your country and the opposition! So what you must do during your research is to find more articles or sources that reinforce your country's point of view and criticise the opposing bloc! By doing so, you are effectively enriching your research and your speeches.

Foreign policy does play an important role in your Model UN conference, but the way you bring out the foreign policy and use your research to create speeches. You can find more on how to use your research in speeches at - using research in speeches