A position paper is a document that a delegate submits before the conference gets started. As the name suggests, a position paper should clearly explain the role of your country regarding the agenda that will be discussed in the committee. A position paper should include: 

  1. How your country is related to the main issue, and how your country is affected by it. 

  2. Past actions of your country that links to the agenda, with proper statistics and its citations. 

  3. Actions taken by the government with regards to the issue.

  4. Actions of UN that your country had supported/opposed.

  5. Resolutions that your country has signed/ratified. 

  6. What would your country like to do in the future regarding the issue.

  7. Suggestions of possible solutions to the issue

Submission of a position paper is optional at SIMUN, but writing one does have its own benefits. Writing a position paper helps you organize your research procedure, and the information you have collected from your research. You can upload your position paper via mymun. 

How to upload position paper in mymun:

Step 1: Find the option “Position Paper” on the left side of the web page. 

Step 2: Start typing in the blank space provided. If you wish to get back to your work later, click “Save draft”. Once you’re done with your position paper, you can click “Submit”. There is no option to upload a file; in that case, you can copy the text and paste it here.