Having registered your delegation for SIMUN, the only step left is to add members to your delegation! The following steps will be able to assist you in the process of inviting members to your delegation. 

Note: Only a head delegate or a faculty advisor of the delegation has the privilege to add members to the delegation.

If you haven't registered your delegation yet, refer: How to register a delegation

Step 1: Select the option "delegation" on the left of the page:

This page shows all the details and the status of your delegation.  

Step 2:  Invite the members of your choice to the delegation 

  • If the member has a mymun account, you invite them by two ways: 

  1. By sending an invitation linkYou will be able to find the option at the top of the page. This allows you to generate your own shareable link, as shown below.  By clicking this link, members will directly be added to the delegation. 

    Note: It’s still possible to invite members by sending them invitation links if they don’t have a mymun account, but eventually, they will be required to create one. 

  1. By inviting them via mymun: You can find this option at the end of this page. The member's names will show up as you type his/her details, and an invite will be sent once you press “invite”. The member will immediately join the delegation once he/she accepts the invitation.

  • If the member doesn’t have a mymun account, he/she can still be a part of the delegation, but it’s possible to add them to your delegation only via mymun. This can be done manually, where you are required to enter all their details yourself. You will be able to find this option right below the "role" field.  Once this is done, an email will be sent to the member, requesting him/her to create a mymun account. It’s not mandatory for a member to create an account to be a part of the delegation. 

If you have successfully completed any of these processes, you will be able to see this at the very end of the same page: 

Here, you can view all your delegation members, and keep a track of the status of their allotments at SIMUN.